Mini Orange Calcite Sphere with Stand


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Perfect for your altar as well as on the go!

Orange Calcite is a strong sacral chakra stone that gets the positive energy moving, especially in the areas of creativity and sexuality. It has very strong energizing and cleansing properties. It’s healing properties are powered by the Sun. Considered to be especially good for those with phobias, orange calcite is also said to be an excellent stone for those with anxiety and stressful work or scholastic environments.  Helpful in childbirth, new beginnings, and thought to increase wisdom, orange calcite is an important stone for nearly everyone. This is a stone that may really help to round an individual out and may aid in smoother transitions in life and increased ability to accept changes. 

This Mini Orange Calcite Sphere is great to slip in your purse or hand and take on the go when you need a boost of positive energy. Keep the stand on your altar so it always has a place & doesn’t get lost!



  • Size: 30mm Sphere


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