Gaze at one of the images above. Notice how calm you feel.

Do you know that gazing at nature or reflecting upon the positive attributes of animals or spiritual guides help place us in a relaxed state that is conducive to new learning?

If you want be more self confident, lose weight, and achieve your goals, but are weighed down by the negative programming of your past? Try hypnotherapy. When guided hypnosis is used, clients are 200 time more accepting of positive statements and suggestions about themselves than when fully conscious.

We offer in-person and online hypnosis (Skype) and success coaching to help you uncover your unique set of skills. Once we work together to uncover your strengths, we will work through structured exercises and homework to help release negative beliefs and habits of the past and replace them with those that are positive and constructive. All centered around a detailed plan so that you can realize your short term and long term goals.

Our services can help you attain:

  • Prosperity
  • Personal Power
  • Patience
  • Peace

How long would it take? The good news about hypnosis and hypnotherapy is that clients can achieve results in 3 to 9 sessions. Typical therapy and psychoanalytical therapy which can often last for years!